The Most Common Online Marketing Mistakes

It is very likely that commercial cleaners in Sydney understand the importance of keywords, SEO and online marketing strategies; after all they have a website that is full of informative content.SEO is one of the more popular online marketing strategies that industries use to generate traffic to a website but sometimes mistakes happen that impacts on the effectiveness of the strategy.

Competition for keywords that rank high in search engines has never been tougher particularly for online businesses that rely on traffic. SEO knowledge has dramatically improved and became more advanced and technical.Established brands as well as national and international chains are competing for the first pages of Google results.

Sometimes, it seems that small business cannot penetrate page one of Google results because the big brands have the marketing budget to consistently rank. However, this is certainly not the case for every keyword. Small businesses can take a more strategic approach instead of competing for generic keywords that people only use to look for free information and advice.

For example, if you are offering commercial cleaning services, the main keyword is “cleaning services” which is used by almost all companies offering a similar service. There are many useful variations particularly for consumers that are comparing prices in local searches.One of the smartest ways for a small business to compete is a combination of long-tail with local and comparison-inspired keywords.

Another mistake that businesses often make is the failure to optimize for local search. If you want the target audience to find you, tell them where you are, how and when to contact you. It also helps if you list the business in relevant platforms that local people use when they are searching for products and services that are near their location.

Keyword stuffing and duplicate content are examples of the worst mistakes that marketer can make. Consumers that are searching for commercial cleaners in Sydney prefer articles and blogs that are useful but not copied from the competitor’s website. Search engines are too smart to go for duplicate content. Search engine spiders prefer unique, relevant and informative content with just the right amount of keywords.