Selling The House Through Showcasing The Bathroom

As with kitchens, bathrooms are a top priority for those looking to buy homes. Great bathrooms are reminders of relaxing spas or luxurious hotels. Home buyers really want to feel this luxury and relaxation every day in their homes. For real estate agents or simple home owners looking to sell their properties online, taking pictures of fresh, clean and elegant looking bathrooms from their homes are beneficial to that successful sale. An online ad with a home having great looking furniture and finish sets the tone for a home viewing and a successful home sale. It is not necessarily wise to do a full renovation but maximizing what is currently there is a better strategy. Transforming an everyday bathroom without over-budgeting is doable by following a few guidelines.

Making upgrades instead of renovating the bathrooms creates a larger impact. These can include replacing taps that are worn out and leaking, repainting walls, updating cabinets and other hardware, installing light fittings and updating towel bars. It is always a great idea to stick with neutral palettes when repainting walls, upgrading tiles or buying new cabinets or other hardware as these are more appealing to buyers.

Buyers love storage spaces, and they check for how much space is offered so it is best to have these storage spaces well organized and two-thirds full. Creating a new feel by cleaning thoroughly brings a bathroom to life and creates an impression of a well maintained home. Homeowners have to clear out the space especially the counters with all personal hygiene products including toiletries and bathroom supplies. For a beautiful spa like impression from buyers, homeowners need to remove all house work and maintenance items.

For a more luxurious and elegant feel, accessories like bath oils, candles and fragrant soaps should be displayed and should be displayed in groups. Keeping and hanging new towels instantly transforms a bathroom. Adding a stool beside a bathtub while placing a folded towel, candle or book adds extra style. Flowers or plants also make a bathroom more alive. A single stem or a smaller plant is enough for an understated look.

These are just some ways to market a home. Bathrooms & More Store has a lot of great ideas on how showcase the bathroom for selling the home.