Factors To Consider When Designing Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies

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As technology progress, marketing for businesses including the hospitality industry is not the same. We are now in the era of digital marketing which changes every year because of the trend and technology employed. Hotel managers used to worry about their staffs and services alone but now they must think about digital marketing because of the number of competition. For instance, marketing a rooftop dining in Sukhumvit has to be managed by the hotel manager aside from making sure that the daily operation is running smoothly. Here are some things hoteliers should keep in mind before choosing a digital marketing strategy.

  • Take a good look at your hotel website as well as the booking engine you have because this is where majority of the guests are visiting if they wanted to book a room in your hotel. According to studies, guests spend an average of 6 minute on every hotel website and you should make the most of this 6 minutes in order to engage them. The website should contain bold pictures and brief room descriptions in readable texts. It is also recommended to have a video embedded on the site showing the surround area and exterior of the hotel as well as its amenities to capture the guests’ attention. Update your website every few months to stay updated with the latest trends.
  • Forrester’s research revealed that 60 per cent of guests checking in at a hotel are using various social media platforms when they search or shop for something which eventually leads to a sale. Therefore, your hotel should have a good rating on TripAdvisor and the Facebook page of your business should have a professional vibe to it. If customers post positive reviews, make sure that they are shared over all your platforms for future guests to see. Videos should be posted via a Youtube channel in order to get the most views.
  • Website optimization is critical. Majority of users booking their hotel rooms or searching for hotels with rooftop dining in Sukhumvit are already using their mobile phones. This is why a hotel website should be optimized for mobile in order to maintain consumer satisfaction. A responsive design website is more practical compared to a stand-alone site intended for mobile users.

How To Design A Marketing Strategy For Social Media Platforms

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Today’s beauty brands that offer products like organic skincare treatments use different marketing strategies to gain exposure and generate awareness for the brand. One of the first steps undertaken is to create a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account or YouTube channel. However, there are instances when the social media strategy becomes ineffective because of the lack of clarity and consistency.

In order to carry out a strategic design for social media platforms, there must be an analysis on the reputation and presence of the company on social media. It is also important to evaluate the metrics used in social media and analysis of the website’s integration in social networks. Conducting a research on what marketing strategies are being implemented by the competition will allow you do determine how they made a strong presence in social media.

The target audience of social media platforms will be the focus of your analysis. How will a marketing strategy reach social media users? What are their ages, gender, education, online habits, etc? How does the political, economical and cultural environment affect social media networks? Social media networks have their share of weaknesses that will make it difficult for a company to implement their marketing strategy. Various threats to social media platforms can also be a serious obstacle to marketing.

The goal and objective of the social media marketing strategy must be measurable. For example, if the objective is to reach at least 10,000 consumers through social media in 6 months, there must be measurement tools in place to determine which of the strategies gained positive results.

Of course, there must be a clear guideline on how content will be published in a social network. Since it is social media, content must be informal and friendly to have a wide reach. Remember that you are not you are not writing a report or a thesis.

One of the big desires today is to create something that will result into Instagram moments. Since organic skincare treatments have proven results, customers can be encouraged to post their before and after images on social media platforms and how their confidence increased because of their glowing skin.

Tips For Good Solar Marketing

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There are a lot of ways to advertise. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. With advertising being a key aspect of running a company, regardless of whether it handles solar on the Gold Coast or furnishing in Venice, it was only logical that companies would find new ways to market themselves. From the tried and tested word of mouth, to the more recent Facebook ads, marketing properly is a key step to success for any business.

The online media is a huge opportunity waiting for anyone willing to take the risk, effort and time to make good use of it, and can be an incredible boon to companies, especially when used alongside the time-honoured classics such as TV and radio ads.

Of course, everyone has different tastes and different opinions, so what works is not set in stone, with success stories merely being a guideline for your own experiences. So, if you want to promote your business to get some solar on the Gold Coast, here are some things to remember.

  • Money matters.
    • One of the biggest things to consider in any transaction, for both customer and company, is money; cost, profit, that sort of stuff. It won’t matter how well the SEO on your site is or how user-friendly it is if the customers don’t think you can save them money.
  • Like and subscribe.
    • Facebook is a thing. YouTube is a thing. So is Reddit, Instagram, and LinkedIn. With the internet being seen as a necessity for modern living, it makes sense that the sites on it that let people connect are useful for advertising. Instead of connecting people to friends, though they still do that, you can use social media to connect your solar company to your customers.
  • Be connected.
    • And we don’t mean in an online sense, though, as we’ve mentioned, that’s important too, we mean connect to your customers on an emotional level. You want them to see that you’re providing them a useful service, that your company is reliable, and that there’s an emotional weight to you providing solar on the Gold Coast, or wherever it is you operate. Ever wonder why salesmen for renewable energy tend to drop climate change first in any sales pitch? It’s because they’re trying to emotionally appeal to their customers.

The Importance Of Cloud Computing To The Healthcare Industry

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All over the world, more and more healthcare organizations are making use of cloud computing technology and cloud-based applications. The system is evolving in a way to meet the demands of the ever-growing healthcare sector. In the past few years, many healthcare providers have transformed their resources into one that adopts the cloud platform because of the many benefits. If you have a medical practice, it is important to know that healthcare and cloud computing goes hand in hand in this day and age.

  • HIPAA Compliance. HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a regulation in the federal level that was developed to protect delicate information along with requirements that all medical practitioners should follow. If the requirements set by HIPAA are not met, there are penalties and fines as consequences. Healthcare organizations are using cloud computing because it is one of the most effective methods to stay compliant of the regulations since it comes with advanced security and encryption. It also has backup which is necessary to protect important healthcare information.
  • This can be scaled according to your needs and allows you to handle and manage the patient data which continues to grow on a daily basis. If you are to store patients’ data as a physical record, it would take a lot of space. Cloud computing makes it possible to store as much data as you want and access them as soon as you need.
  • Access to information. Doctors are very busy and they do not have a lot of time to spare in searching for patients’ records manually. Through cloud computing, doctors are able to get the medical records of the patients whenever and wherever they are. The information are recorded in applications and stored in the cloud to be accessed easily.
  • Cost saving. There is no denying that healthcare and cloud computing makes a good tandem because of the benefits. An added benefit is the costs that will be eventually saved because of technology. There is no need to purchase expensive hardware needed on-site and no maintenance fee needed to sustain hardware and software storage system.

How To Market Personalized Gifts

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The current trends nowadays is to give personalized wedding gifts instead of the generic ones because it shows that much thought and effort is put into the gift. For businesses selling personalized products, how do they perform internet marketing to encourage higher sale. There are many ways by which a gift can be personalized such as embroidery, rotary engraving, sandcarving, laser engraving, vinyl, sublimation, direct printing or a combination of either method. There is also the rise of personalized wall arts using a favorite quote, image or personal photographs.

Personalized gifts are refer to as one-ups and different from those mass produced given out to company events or souvenirs despite the fact that they have been personalized as well. Gifts are single orders that are personalized uniquely using a photograph, a person’s name or other important and personal details. There are many ways to market a personalized gift business.

  • It is one of the most important features that a business should have in order to reach more customers. With a website, you can display gift items and clients can order from there. There are websites you can create from scratch and for free though if you want to drive more traffic into your site it is best to invest in your own domain. This will benefit you in the long run.
  • Social media. Create accounts on social media platforms in order to market your products. The most popular social media sites nowadays are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Getting an account in each of them will guarantee that you will reach a wider audience.
  • Content Marketing. This is done by creating your own blog. Post about things that are related to the products you are selling to give an impression that you are an expert in your field which will raise your reliability among clients.
  • Local online directories. It is also recommended to list your business on the local online directories so that people looking for personalized weddings gifts in your area will be able to search online and find your business. This is possible by building citations in top online directories such as YellowPages and Yelp.

Online Marketing Strategies That Will Keep The Brand On The Mind Of The Audience

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Centuries ago, artists created Illustrated Maps for towns and areas. Now artists are drawing illustrated presentations of communities, school campuses and business centers. These hand-drawn illustrations on paper are 100% digital meaning they can be accessed online. Artists have websites where the map illustrations can be viewed.

Businesses that overlook the importance of internet marketing are missing out on the enormous potential of creating brand awareness online. People expect a business to have a website otherwise; they think less of the company. Online marketing offers high potential for returns and you won’t have to spend a lot of money for them. The more time is invested in online marketing strategies, the more powerful they become and bigger payoffs can be expected.

Content marketing is the most typical marketing strategy that businesses use. Content can come in different forms like blogs, infographics or how-to videos. For a website that offers Illustrated Maps, the best form of content is images that have been digitally watermarked with ownership and usage information. Interesting and beautiful images can attract downloads, shares, signups and conversions.

A website must always be designed with SEO in mind. SEO makes the website more visible to search engines so that it will get more organic traffic from searches. Most of the search engine rankings are the result of the technical structure of the website as well as the strategies used in content marketing. The secret to successful content marketing strategy is to create new content regularly.

Content marketing and SEO will bring visitors to the site but what will this people do while on the site? If you will optimize conversions, the site will get more value from every visitor to maximize the rates of conversions. It is important to improve the conversion strategies that are already being undertaken while including more conversion opportunities.

Social media marketing is one of the ways to gain better brand visibility. More inbound traffic can be expected if you post images of Illustrated Maps on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. This form of online marketing strategy almost costs nothing to execute but it will always keep the brand on the top of the mind of the target audience.

Digital Marketing A Stranger To Insurance Companies

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We hear of insurance everywhere and professionals such as accountants hire audit insurance company to protect their firms from risks. In this digital age, it is surprising to see that many insurance companies are still strangers when it comes to digital marketing. They do not realize that there is a lot of opportunities waiting for them as the digital world offer endless profits to the insurance industry.

The problem now lies with agents sent on the ground. The blame should not be given to the agency principals or the insurance carriers. The agents are the ones who are facing the storm from the digital world.

Insurance consumers in the United States have already been condition that insurance products are a commodity. Families in this country are always looking for insurance – auto insurance and home insurance. Majority of them look at the price alone and does not think about the value that they are getting as long as they think they are insured.

The battle for the leader in digital insurance has already started and it is clear that independent insurance agents are on the losing side with very few exceptions. They are the only ones who think like an internet marketer when selling their insurance through the online medium.

The latest insurance buyers are looking for agents that will communicate with them digitally and use modern forms of interaction.

The insurance industry is scared to act like internet marketers because they think they are compromising their value. The fact is that consumers would like to see insurance agents use the tools, strategies and tactics that are currently being employed by internet marketers.

Instead of looking for answers, the insurance industry should learn from those who used digital marketing and succeeded.

Agents should be like a walking Wikipedia with information regarding insurance and delivered in a way similar to how humans talk. There are various tools applications and courses they can adapt to help them market online. Lastly, find a business or a professional looking for an audit insurance company and encourage them by telling stories through quality content.