Online Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing

Online Marketing, Internet Marketing or Web Marketing is different terms used in adverting via the internet. Online marketing nowadays is not optional but an important part of a business. Business spending over internet ads is increasing over time. It is time that all businesses acknowledge the number of potential customers they could gain overtime.

There are different areas of Internet Marketing that businesses can tap into such as Search Engine Optimization, E-mail Marketing, Banner Advertisements, and Marketing using Social Media and Mobile as well as Affiliate Marketing.

Traditional Marketing is those marketing done offline. Examples of traditional marketing are Television ads, Radio ads, print ads on newspapers and magazines.

The following are the advantaged of Internet Marketing compared to Traditional Marketing:

1. Large audience.

Internet marketing has a wide range of audience and it can reach people in all countries – talk about worldwide advertisement. Companies will be able to promote their products and services to gain more customers and clients. Unlike traditional ads where it can only be seen locally or on a national level, Internet Marketing can reach everyone who has access to the internet.

2. Measure Performance.

Using various tools, advertisers will be able to measure the performance of all their ads and review marketing strategy. This way they will have an idea on what areas to focus on and what marketing strategies will benefit the company more without wasting thousands of dollars.

3. Demographic Targeting.

Companies will be able to use demographic targeting depending on the products and services they offer. If a company is offering services to locals only, they can focus on posting ads on local sites. If a company is selling products meant for a certain age or a certain gender then they will be able to use their resources targeting their desired audience. A company selling clothes for women may choose to advertise on sites mostly visited by women. These data can be used by companies to their advantage.

4. Less Expensive.

Internet Marketing is more affordable compared to traditional marketing. A TV ad for only a few seconds will cost the company more than Search Engine Optimization. Paying for a half page advertisement on the newspaper which is only good for a month is more costly than using social media and hires someone to manage the account.