Factors To Consider When Designing Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies

As technology progress, marketing for businesses including the hospitality industry is not the same. We are now in the era of digital marketing which changes every year because of the trend and technology employed. Hotel managers used to worry about their staffs and services alone but now they must think about digital marketing because of the number of competition. For instance, marketing a rooftop dining in Sukhumvit has to be managed by the hotel manager aside from making sure that the daily operation is running smoothly. Here are some things hoteliers should keep in mind before choosing a digital marketing strategy.

  • Take a good look at your hotel website as well as the booking engine you have because this is where majority of the guests are visiting if they wanted to book a room in your hotel. According to studies, guests spend an average of 6 minute on every hotel website and you should make the most of this 6 minutes in order to engage them. The website should contain bold pictures and brief room descriptions in readable texts. It is also recommended to have a video embedded on the site showing the surround area and exterior of the hotel as well as its amenities to capture the guests’ attention. Update your website every few months to stay updated with the latest trends.
  • Forrester’s research revealed that 60 per cent of guests checking in at a hotel are using various social media platforms when they search or shop for something which eventually leads to a sale. Therefore, your hotel should have a good rating on TripAdvisor and the Facebook page of your business should have a professional vibe to it. If customers post positive reviews, make sure that they are shared over all your platforms for future guests to see. Videos should be posted via a Youtube channel in order to get the most views.
  • Website optimization is critical. Majority of users booking their hotel rooms or searching for hotels with rooftop dining in Sukhumvit are already using their mobile phones. This is why a hotel website should be optimized for mobile in order to maintain consumer satisfaction. A responsive design website is more practical compared to a stand-alone site intended for mobile users.