Disadvantages Of Having Plain Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes from Paper Mart are essential when it comes to shipping out products for an ecommerce business or any other personal endeavor. However, packaging always has a huge influence over your marketing and branding whether you directly sell your products or you retail it with other business. Custom boxes are important for the branding influence your products will have to customers and potential clients. So, if you still don’t want to ditch plain packaging, here are some reasons why you should:

1. Professionalism
Custom boxes imply that you are professional, that you are serious about your business. On the other hand, plain boxes imply that you may just be another person just trying to sell a few old products. It may not matter where you run your business from—whether from your apartment or in a high-rise office building. The fact is that custom boxes provide customers the impression that you run a serious and professional business. It is most essential that the business name is on the box together with the logo, address, and contact information.

2. Impression
“Dress to impress” is a common saying among people in the business world. The more appealing a man looks in a suit, the more he attracts potential clients and customers. It’s the same with product packaging. Plain boxes are boring and unappealing. It’s always more appealing for customers if your packaging has a bit of design or artwork to impress and appeal customers to your product and your business.

3. Custom boxes means promotion

Plain boxes don’t promote anything. People will forget from whom or what company the package or the product came from. On the other hand, custom boxes are an instant product and business promotion and marketing. In transit, a lot of other people will be able to see your box as it gets delivered to its destination. This is instant marketing not only for the one who ordered the product but also for those who had a hand in the delivery or pretty much anyone who lays an eye on the box.

4. Protection
More often than not, custom shipping boxes use corrugated board of the highest quality. They’re sturdy and they provide better protection to your product in transit. Whereas plain shipping boxes bought in bulk or over the shelf are usually of a less quality since they are almost always cheaper than custom boxes.