Digital Marketing A Stranger To Insurance Companies

We hear of insurance everywhere and professionals such as accountants hire audit insurance company to protect their firms from risks. In this digital age, it is surprising to see that many insurance companies are still strangers when it comes to digital marketing. They do not realize that there is a lot of opportunities waiting for them as the digital world offer endless profits to the insurance industry.

The problem now lies with agents sent on the ground. The blame should not be given to the agency principals or the insurance carriers. The agents are the ones who are facing the storm from the digital world.

Insurance consumers in the United States have already been condition that insurance products are a commodity. Families in this country are always looking for insurance – auto insurance and home insurance. Majority of them look at the price alone and does not think about the value that they are getting as long as they think they are insured.

The battle for the leader in digital insurance has already started and it is clear that independent insurance agents are on the losing side with very few exceptions. They are the only ones who think like an internet marketer when selling their insurance through the online medium.

The latest insurance buyers are looking for agents that will communicate with them digitally and use modern forms of interaction.

The insurance industry is scared to act like internet marketers because they think they are compromising their value. The fact is that consumers would like to see insurance agents use the tools, strategies and tactics that are currently being employed by internet marketers.

Instead of looking for answers, the insurance industry should learn from those who used digital marketing and succeeded.

Agents should be like a walking Wikipedia with information regarding insurance and delivered in a way similar to how humans talk. There are various tools applications and courses they can adapt to help them market online. Lastly, find a business or a professional looking for an audit insurance company and encourage them by telling stories through quality content.