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Five Important Social Media Marketing Tips For Hotels

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With a growing competition in hospitality sector, hotels and resorts have to face a lot of competition. They are trying every trick in the book to beat competitors and attract more guests. Apart from offering personalized services and customized holiday packages, social media marketing also plays an important role in promoting the business of the hotels. Presence on social media platforms has become a compulsion to promote luxury and 5 star hotels. As more and more tourists and business travellers prefer to book their hotels online, maintaining a positive reputation online plays a very important role in the success of hotels.

Here is a list of factors to keep in mind while designing social media content for your luxury hotel in Saigon, which will help you to improve the engagement with the viewers and deliver value to the guests.

  1. Create content that is apt for different platforms. Content is the king of social media marketing but context is also important. There are a number of social media platforms and each is different from one another. Develop content that is suitable for different platforms. For example the luxury hotel in Saigon, can use its Facebook page to engage the viewers with attractive storytelling, it can create mesmerizing pictures for Pinterest and use Instagram to share interesting content with creative pictures.
  2. An important point to remember while designing the social media marketing strategy for your luxury hotel in Saigon is never interrupt the viewers. Try to become a part of the social media experience instead of disrupting the experience with advertisements.
  3. Share content that is useful to the audience. Create up-to-date and useful content that adds value to your brand. This will help you to improve the engagement with the social media followers and develop a positive brand image.
  4. Use attractive images, videos, animations and motion graphics to engage with the viewers. Creative content will help you to grab the attention of the prospective clients and engage with them.
  5. Be careful about what you post in the social media. While posting on the social media pages of your luxury hotel in Saigon, remember that every post is a representative of your brand identity. Every tweet and every picture helps the viewers to form opinions about your brand. Maintain consistent brand identity across all the platforms.

Social Media Marketing Tips For Hotels

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The internet is a powerful tool, one that has changed the way we interact with the world. That sound cheesy, sure, but when you think about it, it’s a fact. For businesses, it is practically mandatory to have some sort of presence online, as customers are now relying on their browser to point them to the products and services they want. For hotels, this means that they have to market themselves and attract people online, bringing in tourists from across the world. No matter what you are, whether you are a 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit or a small hotel in the provinces, being able to promote via social networks can work wonders for you.

Get a blog running.

  • A blog is a useful way to get your connected to your customers. It is a way for you to communicate with them in a not-so-formal and corporate manner. Use it to talk about the things that matter to you; for hotels, this means you shed light on the attractions that bring in people around you. Give them suggestions on what they can enjoy if they decide to stay with you. It should be a constant, updated source of content that can be passed along to social networks.

Manage your reputation.

  • Online reviews are usually what gives people their first impression of a hotel, beyond the official site. That means that having your satisfied customers post their reviews about your hotel on sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp; it’s free publicity. Additionally, get them signing up for your Facebook page, and have them post the pictures of their best experiences, for the same reason.

Get networking.

  • By linking local organizations and attractions in your posts with the @ command, you’ll start interacting with them, and getting your network up and running. To be easy, think how your customers would; what would you like to visit? What near your 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit do you think tourists will like? Start there.

Be funny.

  • Social media doesn’t have to be as formal as your corporate site. This is because, your social media is one part of you, your corporate site another. Don’t be irreverent, but be casual, funny and original; in short, be approachable. This will attract customers, who you can then take a more corporate, and business-like approach with.

Why Luxury Hotels Have To Update Their Website Content To Attract More Guests

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The clientele of luxury residence in Bangkok definitely wants more value their money. Aside from a comfortable and convenient room, guests expect in-room internet, swimming pools, spas, fitness centres and contemporary restaurants with elegant surroundings. However, in the competitive world of the hospitality industry, how will you inform the target audience about the luxury hotel’s offerings?

Content is still the king of digital marketing. Through content, a hotel can stimulate, engage, covert and build a buzz around the hotel brand. This requires content that is informative, engaging and useful to give online users a reason to continue browsing through the hotel’s website.

Content is very powerful when used effectively however, it has to be fresh and updated. Guests who prefer to stay in luxury hotels want to ensure that they will be treated like VIP’s. They want special attention and the little extra’s that a luxury residence in Bangkok can provide. It goes without sayingthat the hotel must publish a beautifully crafted, well written and customized blog with well-researched keywords to improve the website’s rankings in search engine results.

Luxury hotels must never hesitate to engage with their audience. Consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations as well as reviews based on personal experiences. A hotel can encourage satisfied guests to write down a review which can be posted on the website.

Hotels can also tap into the popularity of contests. For example, a luxury hotel can encourage guests to post photographs of their Bangkok tour to win a free night stay at the hotel’s luxury suite. The winner who enjoys an unforgettable experience can be requested to write about the hotel suite and the personalized service that has been provided. Don’t forget the hashtag for Twitter and images for Instagram and Facebook. Social media platforms will make it easier to share content.

Guests looking for tasteful and comfortable rooms have the option of luxury residence in Bangkok that offers a cosy atmosphere in a highly elegant setting. The luxury residence is designed to provide the best from the fast and friendly service to the private areas where you can relax and distress. An outdoor pool surrounded by green foliage will allow you to laze around all day.