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Event Marketing Tips

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When you hire a company like Catalyst Event Solutions to manage your event, you want them to make sure everything runs smoothly, on top of making sure that the event gets the publicity it needs.

However, the days of handing out flyers to promote have come and gone, thanks to the convenience that the internet and social media provides to companies and their events. On top of all of that, event trends change so fast that it just simply doesn’t pay to print, as it leads to outdate info going around.

To help out with that, here’s some tips for event marketing.

Proof is king

Your past attendees, your raving fans, your satisfied customers. Whatever you call them, they’re a source of good, free marketing for your event, asking them to give positive reviews and testimonies to show how worthwhile your conference or event is to go to. If your registration numbers are quite big, then having a way of showing how many people register for your event is great marketing.

Blog it

Regardless of whether or not your event is new or old, companies like Catalyst Event Solutions will blog about it. And for good reason, as a blog that details what the event is, what its goals are, what it aims to do, that sort of thing will generate good publicity for your event. It’ll also help boost natural search results regarding your event on the internet, as well as giving you content to promote yourself via social media.

Location, location, location

Never underestimate what a venue can do for your event.  Location matters, and if you have an attractive or well-known event location, don’t be afraid to leverage that for marketing your event.

Promote what makes your show special

Not every event has something luxurious to show off, but they do have something which makes them stand out from other events. If you have a special entertainment act or exotic cuisine or whatever it is that’s special about your event, focus on those and leverage them to market your event.

Put some life into it

At the end of it all, you have to promote your event with energy, with life and enthusiasm. That’s what you want from your visitors; you want them to be excited regarding your event, so you should be excited about it when you’re promoting it.

How To Avoid The Most Common Mistakes In Content Marketing

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Content is very important for small businesses like Melbourne marquee hire in order to establish a positive brand reputation. However, there are many common misconceptions when meeting content marketing goals. Being able to publish content does not mean that the job is done.

Consumers are being inundated with content and brands are beginning to realize that they have to change their strategies. If there is one consistent thing in establishing content program it is the struggle between balancing quality over quantity.

Marketers are pressured by their customers, competitors and executives to continue on producing quality and relevant content. However, mass produced content becomes devalued almost immediately. The marketing team usually establishes a goal at the beginning of the year to create 6 pieces of premium content before the year ends. By the middle of the year, the team is on track to meet the goals.

However, has the marketing team established content performance? The numbers have been accomplished but did content resonate with the audience? It is important to collect data on the effectiveness of the content published.

Many small businesses start a blog without knowing what to write about and how often content will be published. When creating a blog, the right audience must be targeted particularly those that will be engaging with content and visiting the site. Not all content can be considered good but a highly targeted thought-provoking content will generate better results than a handful of average blogs.

Creating content that will drive more traffic to the website must not be the end goal. Where will the users go after they have viewed content? Will they click on the call to action button? It is important to monitor the behaviour of users and spend time in studying their experience to determine which of the content is influencing a purchasing decision.

Aside from the marquee, you will get everything you need from Melbourne marquee hire, a one-stop shop for all your event needs. The company caters to small private events as well as large scale corporate events. A team of expert designers is willing to share design ideas and furniture placement to ensure that the space is well optimized.

Internet Marketing Strategies Recommended For Financial Advisors

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This is the age when one can find financial advisor without having to leave the comfort of their homes. This is the digital age. This is the time when seminars are longer the way to lure prospect clients in but rather effective internet marketing. Paper mails are long gone and have been replaced by email and social media platforms. Now financial advisors are facing new challenges in terms of digital marketing because of the stiff competition and the virtual way of reaching clients where they have to make the same impact.

  • Social media. If you think that social media platforms are just designed for young people who wanted to socialize online, this is where you are mistaken. Survey from Fast Company revealed that the major market for financial advisory lies in individuals with an age range of 55 to 64. These are the same group of people that are increasing in number in social media channels. If you have a business these days, you must have a Facebook page. Research revealed that 71 per cent of consumers recommend a brand if their experience with the company using the platform is good.
  • Live video. With the rise of Facebook, comes a new trend known as live video streaming. This is where one can broadcast live happenings and it is the best way to keep followers engaged. The live feedbacks and comments you get while streaming is a good motivation. According to Facebook, there were over 4.4 million videos that were uploaded on the site in 2016 and the total views for those videos reached more than 199 billion.
  • SEO and SEM. This is important for financial advisors who have a website. If you don’t even have a website then you are committing a grave sin in the name of digital marketing. For those with websites, search engine optimization is necessary in order to have a higher rank in the results of search engines when keywords related to the site are searched. Search engine marketing benchmarking, on the other hand, ensures that the content in your website are giving off the effect you intended. Websites are one of the channels used by consumers when they need to find financial advisor because it provides all relevant information and contacts.

Internet Marketing Strategies For Carpet Cleaners

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Every business needs to know internet marketing in order to survive in the digital age. It is no longer enough to rely on word of mouth alone. Take for instance companies providing carpet cleaning in Perth which used to be uncommon but now competitions are just around the corner. In order to reach more customers, an online presence is necessary. Homeowners no longer go around town looking for carpet cleaning services but they use the internet to search for local businesses to save time. For your carpet cleaning business, follow these tips in internet marketing.

  • Publish your own professional website. Do not skimp on the design of the website thinking that having a website is all that matters. Website design speaks a lot about the company therefore it should reflect the company’s ideals and professionalism. It should also be mobile responsive in order to cater to clients that are using their mobile phones to search for local carpet cleaning companies.
  • Decide on a value proposition. This will help clients decide if they are going to choose your company among the many other options. It should be unique and attractive enough to lure visitors that the leads eventually turn to clients. Make sure it stands out and it must be located on the homepage to be seen right away.
  • Rank higher in search engine results. You got a website, a killer design and a value proposition but your website is not included on the top search results shown by the most popular search engines. This means that you have to improve your keywords. Find out what keywords usually people type into the search bar when looking for a carpet cleaning company. You can pay for ads such as PPC or you can utilize Google My Business. The most common is to employ search engine optimization by uploading relevant and fresh content with the right keywords included.
  • Utilize social media. Every business especially carpet cleaning in Perth is expected to have social media accounts these days. Without one, you are missing on a lot of customers. These platforms are also the best way to interact with customers, hear what they think and listen to their complaints.

How Ergonomic School Furniture Affect Student Performance

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Going to school is one of the primary rights of children. It prepares them for their lives ahead, and because of this, schooling often use up a lot of their time each day, five times a week, Because of this, many, if not all students, spend a lot of time in school sitting, or walking with their heavy bags. These all affect their posture and comfort, eventually affecting their students as well. This is why experts believe that student classroom furniture needs to be ergonomic as well—if office workers need proper seats to provide comfort and avoid strain while working, so do students.

Increasing Performance

Some schools have started making changes in school classroom furniture by switching to high furniture, tilt tables, and even sit-stand furniture. They believe that it will improve their students’ performance because their bodies are comfortable and they could focus on their work better.

Adjustable Furniture for Increased Comfort

Students come in different body types. Some are taller than others, some have longer limbs, or may need greater working space, and because of that, schools cannot expect them to fit and be comfortable in a single type of chair and table. Therefore, adjustable chairs and tables would allow students to change their seating and work space for them to be able to study more comfortably. If they are comfortable, then they can focus on the more important things.

Function over Form

Because many activities nowadays encourage collaboration among students, their chairs and tables should be tools in doing this as well. Therefore, furniture should be flexible enough to be moved to different areas in the classroom or from different seating arrangements so that students are free to move and are not confined in their seats.

Individual Differences

Students are individuals, with their own preferences, level of comfort, and learning styles. Because of this, students must be given the liberty to study in a position they are comfortable with.

Educators should not forget that learners are individuals with unique preferences and learning styles, and given the right furniture, they can be more comfortable at school, thus improving their concentration and school performance.

Digital Marketing Tips For Insurance Agencies

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Marketing is a key aspect of any business, though, admittedly, it can be easier for some businesses than other. When it comes to marketing things like Audit Shield, it can be a bit harder, but the core idea stay the same; to make whatever it is you offer sound appealing. Nowadays, with the internet being such a key tool, digital marketing is one of the most important branches or marketing.

For insurance agencies, digital marketing is very important, as they need to interact extensively with customers to make sure they get what the policies of things like Audit Shield really are. If your insurance agency needs help with digital marketing, here are some tips.


One of the most common forms of digital marketing, which allows for agencies to provide a description of what they offer. It’s not as simple as most people think,however, as there are steps needed to be taken.

  • First, accept that you’ll have to resort to using social media advertisements. They’re cringe worthy, yes but they’ve proven to be effective and reliable.
  • Then, design the ad, with the idea of getting people hooked on it and to want to know more about what you’re offering. Figure out how you can do it, with a design centred keeping your target demographic hooked.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the fastest growing digital marketing strategy, not such for insurance agencies, but for any other companies, as it has already shown a lot of results despite its youth.  SEO is about putting specific words in your content that are frequently used by people on search engines, with the ones with the most common words having the best SEO. Better SEO means that a site is more likely than others to show up first in search results, so you can see why it’s desirable to have.

Social media marketing

Posting social media ads aren’t enough, you’ll also want to interact with them on a personal level. This is where you’ll want to turn to social media. After all, the whole point of social media to connect people, and companies can also use that to your advantage. Engage with potential customers on a regular basis while posting business-related content on places like Facebook and Instagram. Make prolific and original content to differentiate yourself from the competition and draw people in.

Transformations In Content Marketing That Benefit Small Businesses

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If you have been observing search engine optimization (SEO) market, you will notice the dynamic changes being done all the time. For example, new algorithms that are being implemented are increasingly becoming sophisticated. Marketers who want a high position for their websites in search engine rankings understand that they cannot rely on low quality content full of keywords that search engine spiders will crawl on.

Fortunately, marketers can rely on Cloud Cartel that can streamline the creation of relevant and high quality for SEO marketing. Content is King is a phrase that you have likely read on the web. While it is still true that content is still a powerful marketing tool, it is now undergoing transformation.

In the past, only the most significant brands could benefit from the method by acquiring valuable links. With multi-million budgets at their disposable, they could invest in promotional campaigns with sponsored publications in quality portals. Small and medium-sized businesses do not have the budget for this strategy that is why they rely on link building campaigns.

However, during the last few years, everything changed. Now, smaller news websites or niche blogs can compete with big brands by attracting advertisers with their competitive pricing. Innovative content marketing tools help marketers make sense of the more mature online publishing market. Advertisers can place an order for a large volume of content from one publisher on the platform in order to save 20% to 50% on a sponsored article than an article that reaches a publisher directly from a website.

Content has a highly significant role in SEO because of the strong link profile that can be builtin the website. Valuable linkbacks coming from high authority sources can be gathered. However, when developing content marketing strategy, it is important to consider that the final results of the campaign can be affected by several factors like the authority of the site linking to your website.

If you want to boost the position of your website in search engine results, your best option is Cloud Cartel that will handle a well executed SEO marketing campaign. Your business can lose a number of clients if the web page ranks lower than the first 10 search results.