Avoid These Website Design Mistakes

For small business, a website can play a big role when it comes to marketing and making the brand visible to other people. Visitors will check out a certain website because a purpose and in order to make them into sales, the website should be able to provide what they are looking for or answer any questions they have regarding the services or products offered. A website that is not designed properly could lose the business a lot of starting money and in the meantime lose the visitors that should have been potential clients bringing in revenue to the business.

This can easily be avoided by ensuring that a website is properly designed. Here are some common mistakes that should be avoided:

  • Do not build a website in haste. If you wanted to have your website up and running before you have taken the initiative to get to know your target market then you are in for a big trouble. The target market of your business should be researched thoroughly and should be the basis of how your website will be created. Take for example those businesses that are selling products targeted for the senior citizens; the font size of the web contents should be larger. For website’s that are targeted for the younger generation should have a responsive design that could adapt with mobile devices commonly used by youngsters.
  • Avoid flashy web designs and over crammed contents. To have visitors check out your page is not enough, they should also stay long enough to purchase a product or hire a particular service. It is said that online users would only allot 2 seconds in a page before leaving. The 2-second window should make sure that your website does not present as too flashy or display too many information in a single page which can be confusing.
  • Contents should be updated. As with technology, the website’s content should be update frequently. It will give the visitors a sense that the people behind the website are always at work or that the business is still in operation.

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