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Generating Business Leads For Your Plastering Business

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Generating new business leads is important for any business,plasterers in Sydney are no exception. If you need win new business, here are some tips for you.

  • Social media; get some likes!
    • Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter; these sites exist. Having a Facebook page for your company allows you to contact a lot of people in the internet; a huge online list of potential customers.
      Company pages are able to be set up for free on social media networks, which is good, since they’re very good tools for showing off your company’s work and expertise. Building up your company’s reputation on Facebook by having your happy clients posting good feedback about your company will generate headway. It is also free!
  • Embrace the future.
    • Use the latest technology for generating business leads. In Britain, the tech-savvy tradespeople and those that use the internet to market, they make an extra £16K, at least according to data from Studies by Nominet. With such a benefit from such little relative effort, there’s literally no reason to do it.
      In order to make sure your company’s site stands out, include pictures of your company’s work. Do what you can to make sure that the site is aesthetically pleasing and usable; the text is clear, navigation is simple and user-friendly, and that your contact details can easily be found for reference. To tie into the previous point, include links to the social medial channels.
      A tablet with some images of your company projects will do your advertising good, as you can use it to show examples of why customers should choose your company over the others.
  • Join the right organizations
    • When it comes to spending, customers will choose based on reputation. This is especially the case for tradies. Having your company be accredited by the right schemes will help towards generating headway for your company. Sometimes, customers go to accredited schemes in order to find a tradie in order to deal with the issue they have. On other occasions, the reputation from the accredited schemes will generate headway for you. Join the right scheme or organization will do you wonders.

4 Ways To Reduce Bathroom Splashback Costs

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Having home remodelling project or adding bathroom splashback will surely require a sizable budget to complete the project. To help reduce your project costs, here are some money-saving ideas that you can refer to.

Search for the right contractor

Although it would be a lot easier if you are going to hire the first glass technician that you find on the internet, you can be surer with your decision if you would just bookmark the website and continue your search for other service providers in your area. List down the costs of labour and materials for the type of service and design that you have in mind. Make a research on the average costs of the project including the other financial aspects that you need to cover for the project. By having the right idea on the different factors that will make the project successful, you will surely have a hassle-free and cost-effective realization of your redesigning dream.

Set aside a budget

If you know already the average cost of having mirror splashback in your house, the next step is to set aside a budget for the project.Make it a point to stick to your budget. Surely, you will be offered by bathroom splashback contractors with add on services which will only increase your expenses.  If theserviceis not that necessary, do not opt for it or schedule it to another time when your budget is already ready for it.

Compare rates

Ask for cost estimates from different service providers and compare the service rates. Apart from the labour costs, find out which contractor offers warranty and other deals that that stretches the value of your money.

Hire a trustedglass technician

To ensure that your money will go a long way, hire a bathroom splashback service contractorwith excellent ratings and positive testimonials from customers. Check the sample works of the glass technician and you might also want to call his other customers to find out if they were satisfied with the technician’s service.  It would also be a plus factor if the contractor has been in the service for more than a decade.

People-Based Equation And Its Importance In Marketing

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If there is one thing that every marketer dreams about, it is the use of people-based marketing as part of their dynamic marketing campaign. This is accomplished by using the principle of personalization at scale wherein marketers can send messages that are personal and specific to a single address. The process in reaching it is quite challenging and huge investments are required in both time and resources but the good news is that technology is delivering us closer and closer to its possible implementation.

A report from McKinsey revealed that personalized messages are effective in giving better customer experience and it has positive results in the business. It states that total sales were boosted between 15 and 20 per cent and increase in digital sales is even higher. The same technique is also responsible in raising the ROI on costs spent by the marketing department in various channels.

Consumers nowadays are more involved with digital technology as they use them everyday such as wearable gadgets, mobile phones, gaming equipment and digital personal assistants. Marketing has now reached a part where advertising is audience-driven which means that consumers wanted to see messages that are timely and relevant, no matter the medium they are using. The problem is that consumer experience is slowly degrading due to advertisements and campaigns that address the general public and does not deliver a personal touch. Consumers are now willing to provide their data to brands as long as personalized communication is given to them.

Gone are the days when you walk to a local establishment and everyone there knows you and your family. They serve you knowing what you want and what you like. This personal touch is no longer present as it has been replaced with digital advertising catered to the general public. This does not mean that people-based marketing is gone for good as it is still possible by using identity coupled with programmatic media.

People-based marketing gathers data from different channels including device ID, Facebook, Google, Amazon and other agencies which results to the creation of a single universal ID. Dynamic marketing is accomplished by providing personalization at scale at the exact time when the consumer is making a decision.

Tips In Marketing Your Courier Service For Free

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It is understandable for a startup international courier service to be looking for ways to save while marketing their business. Not all startups have big investment money thus a free marketing strategy is a welcome opportunity. Here are some free marketing strategies you can apply for your courier business.

  • Networking is on top of the list. This is used not only by courier companies but by various businesses in different industries. This is accomplished by meeting people in social functions and even in simple gatherings. When you meet notable people, introduce your business and the services you offer. Make sure that you are professionally dressed and carry an approachable demeanor. This way, anyone will be more likely to listen to what you have to say. Meet people in various businesses that you know needs the service of a courier and do not hesitate to meet other couriers in the process. If you are in good terms with a competition, they might be able to send business your way if they are unavailable or is already fully booked.
  • Create a press release that will highlight what your business is all about. If you don’t know how to make one, find tutorials and tips online. After writing, forward the press release to your local publishers and you might encourage them to feature your business in a future article.
  • You don’t have to pay every time you want to market your services online. There is a long list of free websites which you can use in order to do this. Make sure to prioritize the most popular once such as Craigslist because of the higher traffic on the site.
  • Create your own website or blog. This can be accomplished within a few minutes and you have option to use a free website. Make sure that it looks professional and contains all the important information.
  • Lastly, word of mouth is the best way to get new customers. Make sure to encourage your previous customers to recommend your international courier business to other people by offering incentives such as a coupon or a free delivery service for every person they refer.

Online Marketing Strategies That Work For Small Businesses

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Online marketing has different components but a business like Star Wars Art can take advantage of blogs because of the popularity of the iconic film’s characters. It is relatively easy for a blog about Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker to gain online attention. However, online marketing is not only about blogs and online content; it includes different strategies that can enhance brand awareness and increase organic traffic to the site.

Most businesses that use SEO online marketing strategy wants to increase the amount of organic traffic to the site. When the website is optimized for search, it means that the right keywords are used in the page titles, descriptions, content and text for images. There are SEO guidelines that have to be followed so that better results can be achieved.

Don’t expect immediate results about applying SEO to the website. Patience is a virtue that is very important when improving the online marketing campaign. After the process of search engine optimization, it is important to perform SEO audit to determine whether the strategy has successfully worked before continuing with other improvements.

Normally, after SEO the next in line is mobile marketing which is indispensable particularly for small businesses. Based on recent statistics, at least 3 or 4 searches using mobile phones trigger follow up actions like further research, a visit or phone call to the store or word of mouth sharing. It is also worth noting that 45% of mobile searches are goal oriented meaning they are conducted by individuals who are prepared to make a decision.

After a strong SEO marketing campaign and good delivery in mobile platform, the next step is to create content that will generate loyal visitors, comments and social media likes and shares. When high quality content is created, it can convince readers to become customers. Create quality content that people will engage with and watch how word will spread about your brand.

Canvas prints featuring Star Wars Art has established online presence in social media sites that include Facebook, Pinterest, Tweeter and Google+. If you interested to see examples of canvas prints you can browse through the website or visit their accounts in social media.

3 Ideas For Effective Promotional Merchandise

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Practically every item that you see around you can be utilized as promotional merchandise for your prospects. For more effective marketing strategy, choose high quality products from a reliable supplier that prints logo or taglines with excellent quality and craftsmanship. Also, the items that you choose to give away will also contribute to the overall success of your marketing efforts.You can hand out all sorts of items that you can think of but there are items that are more effective than the rest. Here are some tips for effective promotional materials that will keep you from wasting your financial resources.

Usable items

Mugs, wall clocks, umbrellas, ladles, plates and similar frequently used items at home or in the workplace are some of the most effective usable items to give away. Choose high quality promotional merchandise to ensure that your customers will continually use the items and endorse your brand longer. Before ordering promo items, ask for samples to check if the supplier prints logo or brand names properly.

Small items

The good thing about choosing small tokens as your promo giveaways is that you can reach out to more prospects because they are more affordable so you can order more. Some of the best tokens that you can give out without spending much are pens, key holders, coasters, decals or stickers, lanyards or pen lights. Aside from their affordability, the recipients will most likely use these items because they are functional and handy.


You can try to check your closet and you will surely find a promotional tee shirt that has been with you for years now. Promotional tee shirts and other wearables such as caps, bags and sweat bandsare effective because your customers become your voluntary brand ambassadors. If you give away high quality shirts with your logo on it, there is a better chance for your customers to wear them in public thereby exposing your brand to more prospects.

Order your promotional merchandise from a reputable supplier to ensure great quality to amplify your marketing efforts. Ask for cost estimates from at least three suppliers.

Marketing Campaign Tactics For Insurance Agents

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Every year, technology changes and so does many industries in the world. The same goes for insurance industries thus agents should be able to adapt with the recent insurance marketing campaigns in order to get ahead of their game. It is important that recent trends should be applied when thinking of a new marketing strategy which can be performed along with successful strategies before.

There is one thing that never changes when it comes to the insurance industry and that is their goal to build solid relationships, maintain these relationships and provide policy holders with the value they deserve. You might have had success with your marketing strategies before but it does not mean that you cannot make use of new tactics. Here are some ideas that agents should try in their future insurance marketing campaigns.

  • One sure way to kill a campaign is through inaccurate data. Bad data is the reason why agents waste their time, money and effort. It is also a contributing factor to the increasing number of cancelled subscriptions, spam reports and bounce rates. Too high a number and you might face a suspension from your email service provider. This is why it is important to have clean data when delivering emails. It impacts list segmentation in a huge way which also impacts the social media marketing campaigns of the brand. A clean data will help an insurance company in reaching more of their target audience.
  • It a common knowledge that almost everyone in this world is using Facebook. The numbers alonecan be shocking. As of 2016, there are 1.46 billion active users every month while 986 million are active users on a daily basis. The contents you publish will not be able to reach the public due to the algorithm utilized by Facebook. It does not mean that you can’t do anything about it. This is where you spend a little bit more in Facebook Ads for your insurance marketing campaigns.
  • Lastly, as part of your insurance marketing campaigns, do not forget to get in touch with millennials through the different major social media channels. According to statistics, more than 70 per cent of insurance agents are using referrals as well as social media platforms as major channels in getting more millennials aware of their brand. Social media is the perfect venue to interact with them and create a strong relationship bond with clients.