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Transformations In Content Marketing That Benefit Small Businesses

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If you have been observing search engine optimization (SEO) market, you will notice the dynamic changes being done all the time. For example, new algorithms that are being implemented are increasingly becoming sophisticated. Marketers who want a high position for their websites in search engine rankings understand that they cannot rely on low quality content full of keywords that search engine spiders will crawl on.

Fortunately, marketers can rely on Cloud Cartel that can streamline the creation of relevant and high quality for SEO marketing. Content is King is a phrase that you have likely read on the web. While it is still true that content is still a powerful marketing tool, it is now undergoing transformation.

In the past, only the most significant brands could benefit from the method by acquiring valuable links. With multi-million budgets at their disposable, they could invest in promotional campaigns with sponsored publications in quality portals. Small and medium-sized businesses do not have the budget for this strategy that is why they rely on link building campaigns.

However, during the last few years, everything changed. Now, smaller news websites or niche blogs can compete with big brands by attracting advertisers with their competitive pricing. Innovative content marketing tools help marketers make sense of the more mature online publishing market. Advertisers can place an order for a large volume of content from one publisher on the platform in order to save 20% to 50% on a sponsored article than an article that reaches a publisher directly from a website.

Content has a highly significant role in SEO because of the strong link profile that can be builtin the website. Valuable linkbacks coming from high authority sources can be gathered. However, when developing content marketing strategy, it is important to consider that the final results of the campaign can be affected by several factors like the authority of the site linking to your website.

If you want to boost the position of your website in search engine results, your best option is Cloud Cartel that will handle a well executed SEO marketing campaign. Your business can lose a number of clients if the web page ranks lower than the first 10 search results.