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People-Based Equation And Its Importance In Marketing

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If there is one thing that every marketer dreams about, it is the use of people-based marketing as part of their dynamic marketing campaign. This is accomplished by using the principle of personalization at scale wherein marketers can send messages that are personal and specific to a single address. The process in reaching it is quite challenging and huge investments are required in both time and resources but the good news is that technology is delivering us closer and closer to its possible implementation.

A report from McKinsey revealed that personalized messages are effective in giving better customer experience and it has positive results in the business. It states that total sales were boosted between 15 and 20 per cent and increase in digital sales is even higher. The same technique is also responsible in raising the ROI on costs spent by the marketing department in various channels.

Consumers nowadays are more involved with digital technology as they use them everyday such as wearable gadgets, mobile phones, gaming equipment and digital personal assistants. Marketing has now reached a part where advertising is audience-driven which means that consumers wanted to see messages that are timely and relevant, no matter the medium they are using. The problem is that consumer experience is slowly degrading due to advertisements and campaigns that address the general public and does not deliver a personal touch. Consumers are now willing to provide their data to brands as long as personalized communication is given to them.

Gone are the days when you walk to a local establishment and everyone there knows you and your family. They serve you knowing what you want and what you like. This personal touch is no longer present as it has been replaced with digital advertising catered to the general public. This does not mean that people-based marketing is gone for good as it is still possible by using identity coupled with programmatic media.

People-based marketing gathers data from different channels including device ID, Facebook, Google, Amazon and other agencies which results to the creation of a single universal ID. Dynamic marketing is accomplished by providing personalization at scale at the exact time when the consumer is making a decision.