Treat Your Small Business With These Online Marketing Tips

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If you own a small business, or even an online store selling TV and Film merchandise like Superhero or My Little Pony costumes, you would need to be properly established in the online world for you to generate even a small amount of success. Effective online marketing can greatly help small businesses accumulate numerous traffic conversions, although smaller business could be limited in terms of their marketing capability. Blogging and social media could take quite some time while PPC and paid advertisements are too costly. Here are some tips to help you with Online Marketing.

1. Blogging
Blogs are probably one of the best online marketing strategies that smaller businesses can use. Through blogging, you are already inviting in potential clients and profit by giving them a perspective of what they could get from making business with you. You will not only be giving them informative content, you’d also be convincing them to make business with you. Blogging is also great for SEO.

2. Start using Social Media
It’s important for a business to always be up to date and being up to date means having a social media account not only for you but for the business as well. Of course, there are many social media platforms and using them all can become quite overwhelming for you so instead of making accounts for each social media platform, choose only the best one that you think you can handle.

3. Use Facebook Advertising
Facebook Advertising is a very effective tool to help you market your business. Through I, a lot of people would be able to see your advertisement as they are placed just right of the newsfeed. This is most effective on locals.

4. Conduct Webinars
Webinars are basically informative presentations launched in the internet. Webinars are very useful because they produce 70 percent of rebound effect from the viewers and new individuals.

5. Press Releases
Press releases are great for visibility or publicity. Using press releases, one would be able to place their content in front of the viewers and allows you to be connected to various journalists. Press releases do not cost that much.

Importance Of Search Engine Optimization In Businesses

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Our group meet with Oliver Wood to discuss more regarding Search Engine Optimization and its role in a business’ marketing strategy. Some people may view SEO as a complicated method but in reality it is just another process of marketing a business. While some business may not see its importance, it has proven for many years to be a good investment when it comes to being visible online and reaching more customers. Its value as a marketing method has been proven to help businesses from small to large ones.

It has also been proven to give companies higher Return of Investment compared to paid ads on print and television. For those who are not familiar with search engine optimization, it may be considered a magical wand transforming a small business into a large company in an instant but in reality it is just like any other method of advertising but with more concrete results when done properly. A strategy used in one company may not be applicable in another and that is the trick when doing any type of advertising. SEO is proven to increase the visibility of a company, promote its brand, and increase the traffic into the site; return of investment is higher, increases a brand’s credibility and gets a look into what the customers want and needs.

Having a higher raking in the Google search result will not only increase the traffic going to your site but more and more users are going to trust your brand. Appearing in the first page will give them the idea that your website is one of the best that is why it is always on top. Securing a higher ranking does not mean everyone will go and check out your website and stick with you. There will be many choices but it will be helpful in building trust.

It also helps in increasing the credibility of a website if it always appears on top as it gives customers the idea that Google is recommending the site as one of the best. One of the most undeniable effects of a search engine optimized website is the increase in the traffic. This traffic will not turn into customers unless your website and products or services are selling themselves to the customers with the help of quality content. Last but not the least, SEO is proven to give a higher return of investment compared to other forms of advertising.

Tips To A Successful Real Estate Internet Marketing

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Here are some tips that realtors should know in order to avoid the same mistakes most companies are doing in order to sell those house and land packages.

– E-mails that are formatted the same way as the competitor could show sign of laziness and no originality. This could be repetitive too and may irritate the recipients rather than be interested into buying house and land packages.

– Vague e-mails design to catch the interest of the readers could prove to be ineffective especially if sent every few days. Be specific and brief, it will surely catch anyone’s attention.

– A unique and interesting website could engage the readers and will surely visit the site longer and come back too! Agency websites that look like any other websites is not giving much positive encouragement on users.

– Using SEO or search engine optimization is a good way to catch a specific audience which could lead to sales of house and land packages.

– Being visible online is a show of commitment to users and future clients. It could also build their trust and reflects reliability on the company’s part. Social media accounts are the best way to interact and be seen more.

– Answering every email received, every question asked and every inquiry sent your way is one step closer to dealing with a future client. Providing an email address on your website and replying a few weeks after is a show of no commitment to future home buyers.

– Write a blog and posts on things that might be of interest to local audiences that you are targeting. A good blog could be a way to connect to home buyers.

– A realtor is someone a home owner should be able to trust and connect with. Building trust is important to get those deals of a lifetime. Answering local questions in a Q&A website could connect you with someone you have no idea will be your next client.

– Your future client could be writing a blog somewhere in your area. Commenting and subscribing could make your presence known.

– Work your way into the home buyer’s heart by being unique and approachable. A good realtor is someone you could trust with your future properties.

Online Marketing Strategy On A Shoestring Budget

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Online Marketing Strategy On A Shoestring Budget

At a tech training that I recently attended, one of the guys from PWD gave us a very enlightening insight on the potential of having an effective online marketing strategy on a limited budget. The immense amount of information that exists online gives users the power to choose what they want to view which makes it challenging particularly for small businesses to gain customer attention for their product.

Online marketing strategies on a limited budget

Research is the key to creating an effective online marketing strategy on a limited budget. Know your product well so that you will not require a research company to determine your audience. You have to figure out how to market your product to people who will be interested. You must have a profile of your target audience. Are you selling to the male or female population or both? What is the age group of your target audience? What are their interests? What is the goal of your marketing plan? Do you simply want to improve your online presence or are you planning for an increase in revenue? Set clear goals so that you can plan your budget accordingly.

It is tough competing in the online market nowadays because there is so much competition. It is important to set yourself apart from the competition which means making your brand stick on the minds of your target audience. However, this is easier said than done because the competition is also brainstorming for new marketing ideas. Like what I have stated earlier, research is the key. Study your competitors; check out their marketing strategies. The cost of making a research only involves time and a lot of efforts.

If you find out that there are competitors whose names are almost the same as yours; consider changing your name otherwise you will closely associated with the other company. Make sure that your domain name is also your company’s name. Even if a fee is involved in this process, it is quite affordable even for the smallest of budgets. When you choose for a hosting provider, make sure that you find someone who is reliable and will provide you with the right bandwidth and other services that will enhance your brand.

Online Marketing In Syracuse, New York

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Online Marketing In Syracuse New York

New York is a haven for businesses. There are various companies engaged in different industries operating in the area of Syracuse, NY. The businesses compete with each other to acquire a greater share of the market. In order to improve marketing strategies, most of the companies in downtown New York or even in different parts of the globe make use of internet marketing.

Internet marketing or commonly known as online marketing refers to marketing strategies and advertising that uses the internet or the Web in order to improve sales. Businesses that have their brands etched in American homes usually use the traditional and online marketing of their products and services. Those that are still starting and expanding their small businesses usually use the power of technology to advertise their business.

Online marketing can be further subdivided into three areas of specialty.

• Web Marketing

This niche in online marketing includes electronic commerce websites. All transactions for a certain company are done electronically, from the purchasing to the payment of the product. Web marketing also includes affiliate marketing websites. These are websites that with your permission or for a fee, advertise their company or products in your website. Some of the most common types of affiliate program include the pay-per-sale, pay-per-click and pay-per-lead. Included in the area of web marketing are promotional and educational web site, advertising on search engines and search engine optimization tools.

• Email Marketing

Email marketing involved promotional and advertising market efforts that are done thru sending electronic mails to current clients and prospective customers. This type of online marketing has been very effective. In the emails sent to your customers, you can customize it and make it more personalized. You effectively relay to your clients the update of your company e.g. companywide discounts, sales, rebates and other promotional items and events.

• Social media marketing

This involves promoting your company’s products and services via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn and Youtube. Getting a web page started in these social media websites will surely expand your market reach. Surveys reveal that there is a substantial growth of people using the social media websites.

What Are The Different Tools To Help Your Business Succeed In Internet Marketing

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What Are The Different Tools To Help Your Business Succeed In Internet Marketing

It is true that internet marketing is now one of the most effective ways that many businesses use to promote their brand to a wide audience. The internet opens up countless of opportunities every day. Internet marketing, in all of its forms, can help you take hold of those opportunities. Unfortunately, the success of a business cannot be just laid out on a silver platter; you would also need the required tools for you to succeed in marketing your business in the online world.


The first tool you would need is a website. Pretty basic isn’t it? You can consider websites as the residence of many different businesses in the online world. Without a website, there wouldn’t be any need for internet marketing because your business will have no online presence at all. Without a website, your business is considered dead in the search engines.

The first thing every business needs is a website, because it will serve as the conduit for your business in the internet. Websites should be designed and built effectively for the purpose of your business. A good example for this is and its brand ‘Alligator Septic & Drain Cleaning.’ This company’s industry is all about septic tank, parking lot and storm drain cleaning and its website is built compatibly with its purpose to offer and promote their services to an online audience.


This is important for keeping close contact with your clients and interested customers. Email serves as your way of communicating with online audiences. You can use it to build a good relationship with your clients and deliver them updates regarding your business or industry.


It is always important to keep track of your website’s performance. With analytics, you can measure the results and performance of your website. It will help you determine the areas that are most popular with visitors and areas that need improvement.


Blogs are an efficient way of optimizing your website in the SERPs. Keeping a regular or constant blog can help you generate traffic into your website. This can help you climb higher in the search engine results ranking.

Social Media

It seems like everybody has a social media account whether it be Facebook, Twitter or MySpace. It is important for you to have a presence in many social media sites because that is where most of the people are. It is also a good way for you to keep contact with interested clients and potential customers.

Online Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing

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Online Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing

Online Marketing, Internet Marketing or Web Marketing is different terms used in adverting via the internet. Online marketing nowadays is not optional but an important part of a business. Business spending over internet ads is increasing over time. It is time that all businesses acknowledge the number of potential customers they could gain overtime.

There are different areas of Internet Marketing that businesses can tap into such as Search Engine Optimization, E-mail Marketing, Banner Advertisements, and Marketing using Social Media and Mobile as well as Affiliate Marketing.

Traditional Marketing is those marketing done offline. Examples of traditional marketing are Television ads, Radio ads, print ads on newspapers and magazines.

The following are the advantaged of Internet Marketing compared to Traditional Marketing:

1. Large audience.

Internet marketing has a wide range of audience and it can reach people in all countries – talk about worldwide advertisement. Companies will be able to promote their products and services to gain more customers and clients. Unlike traditional ads where it can only be seen locally or on a national level, Internet Marketing can reach everyone who has access to the internet.

2. Measure Performance.

Using various tools, advertisers will be able to measure the performance of all their ads and review marketing strategy. This way they will have an idea on what areas to focus on and what marketing strategies will benefit the company more without wasting thousands of dollars.

3. Demographic Targeting.

Companies will be able to use demographic targeting depending on the products and services they offer. If a company is offering services to locals only, they can focus on posting ads on local sites. If a company is selling products meant for a certain age or a certain gender then they will be able to use their resources targeting their desired audience. A company selling clothes for women may choose to advertise on sites mostly visited by women. These data can be used by companies to their advantage.

4. Less Expensive.

Internet Marketing is more affordable compared to traditional marketing. A TV ad for only a few seconds will cost the company more than Search Engine Optimization. Paying for a half page advertisement on the newspaper which is only good for a month is more costly than using social media and hires someone to manage the account.

Product Launching And Packaging

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Product Launching And Packaging

It is known that when selling a product, the packaging is the first thing a customer sees and greatly impacts the sales. The customer knows what the content is, they know what they are buying, how it is presented to them can make or break your product. Packaging is one of the reasons why manufacturers fail to sell their products and in the food business, that is losing around $12,000-$15,000.

These are some of the cost-efficient and time-saving techniques to make the product launching a success. If a business man wants to succeed, there must be no mistake in the launching stage.

Know the Product

To know the type of packaging the product need, the owner must consider the following:

  1. Compared to existing products, what distinguishes the “new product” from the rest?
  2. Know the market one will enter: it is either geared toward a very specific set of customers or the general public. It is also important that the market knows the product.
  3. Consider the resources available when preparing such as the costs and the people the owner is connected to in the business.
  4. Know the expected and projected product volume.
  5. Decide whether the packaging and label be done by the manufacturer or hire professionals for the job.
  6. Visualize the product in the shelves.

Steps in Successful Packaging

• Choose the right designer – Even though the owner will hire a designer, it is important that they work side by side. The owner can compile suggestions – look, colour, feels – based on his own ideas and show them to the designer. The designer should be able to know where or what idea they are headed. This is also very important if the budget is limited.

To avoid any conflicts, the owner should be very clear with the ideas he has in mind and relate it to the designer. It is then the designer’s job to continue with what ideas he was given depending on his designing instincts. Designers usually charge the clients per hour so it is best to know for sure to avoid constant changes and more costs.

It is important that the owner interviews the designer himself so he can see all the designers’ portfolios as well as ask about previous jobs. If, at the middle of the decision making with the designer, the owner feels that it is not working then it is okay to hire a new one as long as the previous one is paid the dues.

• Brand – The product’s brand will stay with it forever so it is very important to choose something easily remembered but perfectly conveys the concept.

• Choose the perfect printer – It is important that the printer is the right one for the packaging type. Find companies that prints all kinds of packaging material – it can help the budget too. The designer should be aware of the printer needed and find the most suitable one. Finding the perfect printer will also give the designer idea on what file format the packaging should be to avoid more costs. It is not very ideal to stock more than 6 months worth of packaging – the packaging regulations changes and the packaging’s shelf life is limited.

After following all the previous steps provided, the last thing that need to be done is to launch and sell the product. Promoting the product is important. There are various ways one can promote either offline or online. Offline promotions can include posters, word of mouth, free taste and the likes. Online promotion is the trend these days. Make social media accounts using the brand/product. Make sure it will be visible to prospect customers online. If the business can afford it, make and manage a dedicated website for the product/brand. The key is to never stop promoting even after the product has successfully launched.

Internet Marketing Strategies For 2015

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Internet Marketing Strategies For 2015

Internet marketing has undergone lots of changes and improvements before becoming a significant medium for creating brand awareness. For the coming year 2015, businesses are anticipating new trends in online marketing that will boost their sales and create customer loyalty. What are the usual practices that will become obsolete and what new strategies will be introduced?

Content marketing will continue unabated

Marketers must continue on creating relevant and meaningful content for their target audience. B2B companies that consistently post blogs in their websites and other websites will generate 67% more leads in a month than organizations that focus on other marketing strategies. The key to internet marketing success is informative content and not banners or media advertisements.

Analytical tools are predicted to grow

Different analytical tools are used by marketers to determine how their target audience interacts with the company’s products and services, however, for the year 2015, expect businesses to spend more because market analysis will become crucial in the marketing endeavor. Consumers will generate a lot of detailed information and businesses need analytical tools to make sense of the data on their hands.

Businesses will be using more videos

Over the last few years, the focus of web design was on images and text however, the gradual rise in popularity of videos will require they be integrated into web design. Videos can easily catch attention of web users and it allows a business to show how a product or a service works. The trend of explainer videos is expected to grow in 2015 to provide more detailed information to users through a highly entertaining form.

Personalization of content

In order to interact with consumers through content, it is important to provide something relevant. During the last year, businesses that made use of personalized content were able to increase their sales and reduce their costs of operations. Web users stay longer on your site because they are absorbed in the personalized content provided. The length and value of content will be more valuable for SEO because Google has enforced two algorithms – Panda 4.0 and Pay Day 2.0 that are aimed at reducing the ranks of low quality content.

Safety Tips To Consider When Making Online Purchases

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Safety Tips To Consider When Making Online Purchases

Online shopping can be very useful because it provides the luxury of staying at home instead of going to malls. Whether you’re buying a movie costume or a TV set, online stores are a great means to shop easily. You should be careful though, not all online stores are what they appear to be. Some can potentially leave you at a disadvantage and some might even steal from you. Here are some safety tips when purchasing items online:

  1. Trust your gut. If you feel like your safety is at risk, then you should leave the website immediately. Be vigilant with the content on a website. Some websites are not secure. At the first sign of error, it’s best if you leave the site immediately.
  2. Make sure you are at the right website. You should always check what website you are on. There are some websites who copy other websites for malicious intent. Make sure that the site you’re on isn’t a fake one.
  3. Check the security of a site. Always make sure that the website you’re currently on is integrated with a security feature as evidenced by a security seal. Websites with security seals are proven safe, secured and verified. Secured websites protect you from identity theft, credit card fraud and many more. Use websites with https:// rather than http://.
  4. Avoid using public computers. Public computers are a big no because they are a threat to your security. You might leave important details on the computer and the next person who will use the computer might find it and use it to his/her advantage. Delete your history and log out all accounts to make it inaccessible to strangers.
  5. Pay using a credit card or an online payment service. The use of credit cards is better than debit cards because there are laws that protect you. Debit cards make it difficult for you to retrieve your money while credit cards offer reimbursement. You can also register to an online payment service like Paypal. That way, you wouldn’t have to share bank detail with the online retailer.
  6. Strong connection and password. Make sure that you are using a strong and secure connection and password to prevent hackers from getting access to your accounts.

The New Role of Social Media

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social media

Social media is mostly used by entrepreneurs to raise awareness to their brand and products and to boosts its visibility in the market. It cannot be denied that making the brand’s presence known in the social media world is a must do in able to connect to the growing numbers of social media users globally.

Since social media is the only gateway to connecting to the almost 1.5 billion users around the world, brands are not holding back when it comes to spending money on it.

According to Entrepreneur, in order for companies to build and maintain a social media empire, they need to spend within the range of $100,000 to $300,000 or even more for bigger companies. This amount covers the expenses on ads, social media manager’s pay check and the needed marketing tools and services to maintain it all. Most brands consider their social media following as an important investment in order to grow as a company.

For a starting brand and even the existing ones, building and maintain a social empire is necessary and they have spent the past few years growing their followers and making people aware of their brand as well as the products and services they offer. The question now is what happens next? What do they do to make all those followers be their customers? How can they utilize social media as a medium to get more customers to patronize their brands and make a profit in return?

This is the challenge for today for brands who have already established a great social media following. Brands need to start thinking on how to stop spending a lot of money on their community of followers but rather transforming them into profit centre. They need to own the audience and understand them.

What does it mean by understanding them? Successful companies know how to use the data gathered from social media interactions and utilizes them to their advantage. Consider what kind of posts or tweets get the most likes and comments then interpret these data and make something more out of them. Observe in what time of the day a certain posts gather more attention from a certain time zone and the next time a brand post a product, they know exactly when to post for a certain audience.

Once a company is able to interpret and analyse these data, they know what contents will be more successful in reaching their target audience. Then you can start on thinking about different ways to monetize the company’s social media channel.

A brand that constantly interacts with their customers is more likely to engage more followers. Social media is the best line of communication between a brand and the customers. It is slowly changing its role from creating awareness to being a profit centre.